The Hebrew edition of Granta Magazine is a publication dedicated to short stories, memories, and reportage, poetry and essays addressing contemporary socio-political issues. Granta brings together original works in Hebrew and Arabic and translated works from Granta – The Magazine of New Writing, established in 1889 at Cambridge University and considered to be one of the most significant literary magazines in English to this day.

The online edition of Granta in Hebrew, features local and translated fiction, literary interviews, photo essays and articles concerning language and culture from well-known writers and artists, alongside new and intriguing voices.

Granta in Hebrew grew out of the independent bookstore, Sipur Pashut, and was initiated by publisher Roni Kramer and editor in chief Mira Rashty. It is one of the 12 international editions operating in the world today.

As stated by Granta editors in London, "Granta does not have a political or literary manifesto, but it does have a belief in the power and urgency of the story and its supreme ability to describe, illuminate and make real".

The following writers can be found among the many and varied participants whose work has been published in our local edition of Granta so far: Etgar Keret, Orna Coussin, Eli Eliyahu, Mahmoud Arishi, Salman Natour, Simon Adaf, Adi Sorek, Tal Nitzan, Nurit Zarhy, Eudora Welty, Ruth Ozeki, Bassem al-Nbris, Merhav Yeshurun, Aida Nasrallah, Ned Bowman, Doris Lessing, Raymond Carver, Anne Carson, Dorit Peleg, Miroslav Penkov, Rebecca Solnit, Rawya Barbara, David Szalay, Ben Marcus, Lydia Davis, Zadie Smith, Anat Zacharia, Roy Chicky Arad, Tehila Hakimi, Amira Hass and more. To the author list in full

The Hebrew edition of Granta is part of a trend initiated by Granta in London in recent years, expanding its operation and broadening the magazine's exposure to international and local contemporary literature developing in other languages. Local editions of Granta include versions in Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Japanese and more. The exchange of literary pieces and dialogue and the continuous professional ties between international editions, allows local readers, as well as readers from around the world a direct and deep glimpse at literary culture and evolving contemporary dialog in our region in a broader multicultural context.

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Granta is supported by Miffal Hapais – Lottery Council for the Arts, and the Rabinovich Foundation. Much of the magazine's work is also possible as a result of advertisements. For any question about advertising in the online or print versions, events or literary discourse please write to us at

Call for Submissions

We recently published the eight issue of Granta in Hebrew, themed "TEXTING YOU". We thank everyone who sent in submissions; due to the volume of responders we are unable to contact each one of you individually. Our next open call will be announced soon.


Granta in Hebrew may be purchased as single copy or through an annual local subscription, which includes two copies of the local edition, or as an International annual subscription, containing Hebrew issues, as well as four issues of the English edition.

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Editorial Board

Publisher: Roni Kramer, "Sipur Pashut"

Editor in Chief: Mira Rashty

Editorial Board: Amit Hecht, Alma Katz.

Scientific Editor: Morag Segal

Art and Design: The League

Digital Media: Saar Gispan

Subscriptions: Adi Hecht

Extended Editorial Board: Nana Ariel, Dror Burstein, Marit Ben Israel, Edna Dagon, Rafi Weichert, Tal Nitzan, Yaron Peleg, Naama Tzal, Idan Zivoni, Etgar Keret, Merav Shaul, Adi Sorek, Yehuda Shenhav-Sharabani.

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